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Let's be realistic, it's not easy running a business, it's hard work. Keeping everything running, managing staff, suppliers and customers is a full time job. With so much for a business owner to take care of, everything that can be put off until tomorrow, does not get done.

One of the commonly brushed aside tasks is feedback collection. Asking your customers what they really think about your business and customer service is critical. However, most businesses assume they know what their customers feel about them without bothering to take the time to actually ask.

Using a portfolio of powerful tools and systems, Enquir3 works with businesses to help them realise their full potential and how to harness the power of feedback in order to; boost sales, profitability and customer satisfaction.

With many years of experience in the marketing industry, Enquir3 has developed a number of software solutions that can be implemented into a business, regardless of industry or size, there is a solution to match most common needs.

Available products currently include; The Customer Care Programme, The FBR3 System, the Feedback App (available on the Apple store and Google Play) and Advisor Directories.